The Benefits of Pursuing an Online Data Analytics Degree

Data analytics degrees provide a variety of career opportunities. These careers include data analysis, information systems, and business intelligence. Students will learn to gather, segregate, and integrate data to make informed decisions that improve organizational efficiency. Students will also gain skills in programming and SAS software.


Online programs can be very flexible regarding the course load, meeting times, and required coursework. Some offer students the opportunity to work through their courses at night after a long day at the office or while traveling. Some online master’s degrees also require minimal campus or class time. These can be an excellent option for students with family, jobs, and other obligations. Many schools offer programs that waive the GRE or other standardized tests. This is an excellent option for students who are not good test takers or need more time to prepare and study for the standardized tests often required of incoming graduate students. The flexibility of online programs makes it an excellent choice for people who want to pursue an accelerated data analytics degree. Students can study on their schedules and work through the boot camp at a pace that works for them. An online data analytics degree offers many of the same career opportunities as a traditional on-campus degree. Still, it allows students to pursue their education and work goals in their way. A typical program requires students to immerse themselves in the field, learning digital tools and aspects of business such as management, marketing, and finance. In addition, students may also be required to learn programming and data analysis techniques. Technology professionals with data analytics skills are in high demand as businesses seek to leverage information and gain insights into their operations to operate more efficiently and compete more successfully. An online data analytics degree provides an opportunity for career advancement in various fields, including healthcare, marketing, and government.


The online format for many data analytics degrees allows students to complete their school work from home, a workplace, or another location. This flexibility allows the student to gain valuable skills for their career while still pursuing their professional goals. The accelerated nature of these programs also allows students to complete their degrees much quicker than if they were taking classes in a classroom setting. This may help the student obtain a job in their field of interest sooner than they would have been able to do if they had taken the traditional route. As every industry goes digital, there is an increasing need for professionals with data analytics skills to extract actionable information from this data. This information can improve operations, increase efficiency and competitive advantage. An online data analytics degree will teach you how to analyze this information, understand its meaning, and present it meaningfully to crucial stakeholders. This is a very in-demand skill set that can be applied to various industries and occupations.


Students can pursue a degree in data analytics from schools across the country. Some programs are designed to be flexible for working professionals, while others have a specific focus on data and business intelligence. A graduate degree in this field will allow you to develop a professional portfolio and gain industry-leading skills that will be valuable for your future career. Depending on the program, you may be required to have particular prerequisites like math and programming courses or GRE scores. However, many universities also offer a variety of online accelerated data analytics programs that waive these requirements. The programs can be completed in less than two years and focus on data modeling, predictive analytics, and visualization. The course structure is streamlined to reduce your study load and time commitment so you can finish expeditiously. These online accelerated programs often feature one-on-one mentorship and professional guidance. They also allow you to build a robust community network to help you land your first job in data analytics.

Career Opportunities

An online data analytics degree can help you get a well-paying job in several industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in data analysis are expected to increase over the next decade. As you research potential programs, ensure they offer the specific courses and skills needed for your desired career. For example, if you want to be a data scientist, look for a program that includes coding, statistics, and the ability to interpret and communicate with numbers. Consider also taking a few certificates to build your credentials and earn your degree faster. Some universities offer a Certificate in Data Analytics that you can earn along with your bachelor’s degree. Many online data analytics degree programs are from Ivy League schools, state universities, and private for-profit colleges. However, choosing a program that meets your career goals and fits your schedule is essential. You should also compare the costs of different programs.