Top 9 Options for Furniture Makeovers

Has your furniture been looking a little shabby? Does it need a little pick-me-up before the new year starts?

Perhaps, you feel the need to inject some color and personality into the rooms, especially if you live alone or don’t have pets.

While you could try dying or painting your existing furniture, it’s not likely to give you the look that you’re seeking. The best alternative may be to look at furniture makeovers and paint or wrap them with something attractive.

Continue reading to learn about nine unique ways to update your furniture:

1. Side Table Makeover

Side table makeovers can be a great way to update and revive old and outdated furniture while also creating something that is uniquely your own. The options available for side table makeovers are virtually endless, ranging from simply re-staining existing pieces to painting, refinishing, and even replacing parts of the table such as the legs.

If your side table is made of wood, sanding and staining can be used to not only keep the look of the wood but to also give it a new look. If the side table is of a more modern style, painting it in a different color or pattern is a great way to give it a revamp.

If you have some crafty DIY skills, replacing the legs and handles of the piece is another budget-friendly option to change its style. With some creative thinking and elbow grease, a side table makeover can be a great way to breathe new life into a tired piece of furniture.

2. Colorful Dresser Update

When it comes to giving a dresser a memorable and important update, there are a variety of options that can help bring it to life. This can be done by planning out a basic color palette, prepping the dresser with a base coat of paint, and then layering bright hues or applying patterned decoupage.

Other techniques such as stenciling, sponging, gilding, antiquing, and distressing can add to the dresser’s uniqueness. With an array of paint colors, stencils, and decorative knobs, you can create a masterpiece that will be the centerpiece of your room. 

3. Bookcase Makeover

Bookcase makeover is a great way to revamp the furniture in your home. It can bring old furniture back to life and transform its look. Consider refinishing or staining the wood bookcase to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain.

You may use hardware such as new handles and pulls for an updated look. Try making upholstery on the furniture or changing the fabric to match your decor.

4. Kitchen Entertainment Corner

For those interested in creating an entertainment corner in their kitchen, there are many creative options to choose from. One option is to repurpose an old sideboard or buffet and give it a modern twist. You can paint it a bright, cheerful color and add some artwork to create a unique piece of furniture. 

Another option is to use ladder shelves and attach wine or stemware racks, which will provide storage and make the corner eye-catching. Consider adding a mini-bar and some cocktail glassware for a fun surprise. An old trunk or chest can easily be upcycled with a bright coat of paint, new hardware, and some artwork. 

5. Antique Finish Dresser

Antique Finish Dresser is one of the top nine options for furniture makeovers. This classic piece of furniture offers a traditional and elegant look to any bedroom or living room.

The antique finish gives it a sophisticated, timeless look and its drawers are great for storing clothing and linens. It can be repainted, varnished and antiqued to create the perfect look for a room. 

6. Colorful Chair Makeover

One of the most popular and simple furniture makeover options is a colorful chair makeover. To make a colorful chair makeover, start with choosing the colors you would like to use. Decide if you would like to cover the entire chair, or simply just the seat.

If opting for the whole chair, measure the area and buy the appropriate fabric. For the seat only, simply use spray paint or fabric paint. You can also try adding nail head trim, or creating a pattern with painting techniques such as ombre.

7. DIY Bathroom Storage

DIY furniture transformation is an economical, practical way to add storage to any bathroom. Though sometimes intimidating, with a little ingenuity and the right materials, these projects are within reach of the average homeowner. 

8. Hutch Makeover

One of the best options for a furniture makeover is a hutch makeover. Whether it’s a shabby chic look or a more modern design, a hutch makeover can be a great way to transform an outdated piece of furniture. To start, try sanding down the wood to remove any existing layer of paint or varnish.

Next, choose a color palette and paint the hutch in a solid color or with a few different colors. To add a bit more flair, try adding decoupage with newspaper or magazine clippings, or painting directly on the hutch with a stencil. For extra style, try laminated metal, add a few accessories, such as a lamp, vase, or framed photos. 

9. Painted Nightstand Project

Painted Nightstand Project offers nine great options for furniture makeovers. Painting an old nightstand is a rewarding endeavor that results in a unique, personalized piece of furniture. First, choose a color or pattern for the nightstand.

It could be bright and bold or a classic, neutral shade. Next, select the proper supplies including sand paper, primer, accessories such as handles and knobs, and a quality paintbrush.

Once the paint is chosen, the nightstand should be stripped down and thoroughly sanded. A primer should be applied before the color, and then the desired color should be applied in even, light strokes.

Upgrading Tired Pieces with These Furniture Makeovers

Furniture makeovers are the perfect way to customize your home or office space. With the right tools and a bit of creativity, almost any old furniture item can be turned into a stunning, contemporary masterpiece.

With a wide range of makeover possibilities available, there’s no excuse not to start creating something special today. Try a furniture makeover project today and show off your unique style!

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