What Are the Different Types of Homes That Exist Today?

Buying a house is a huge and exciting decision. The idea of at least the lower levels of owning property sizes your heart grow fonder if you live in rental accommodation. And if you already own a house, you’re itching to upgrade to a better property.

That said, it’s also an important decision. Don’t only focus on your desires, but also the cost of the different types of homes that are available to buy.

Read on to learn more about the types of homes you should know about.

Architectural Styles of Homes

Architectural styles of homes vary and can be also classified according to the design influences which shaped them. The most common styles include the following.

Colonial Homes

They are also defined by their symmetrical exterior and roof lines, clapboard or shingle siding, and large, ornate chimneys that often protrude from both sides of the home. They often have a central entrance hall and two windows on each side of the entry.

Craftsman Homes

They are part of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, which emerged in the late 19th century. Craftsman homes typically feature low-pitched gabled roofs. And prominent front porches, built with natural materials such as wood and stone.

Victorian Homes

They are a classic style of architecture typically seen in older neighborhoods across the United States. Characterized by their ornamental detailing, steep roof pitches, and floor-to-ceiling windows. These homes are iconic symbols of 19th-century architecture.

Prefabricated and Manufactured Homes

Prefabricated homes are also built offsite in a factory-controlled environment before being delivered and assembled onsite. They are usually made with a steel frame and modular panels.

Manufactured homes, on the other hand, are also built entirely within a factory. And then transported in one piece to the final destination.
Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are also created to provide a practical minimalist lifestyle while staying within a budget. Because of their size and ability to reasonably travel with the owner. They have become a popular choice among those looking to downsize their living space.

The materials used to create tiny homes vary. Some are also built of recycled material, while others are also designed using modern materials.

Single Family Homes

Single family homes are designed for one family, with a yard and garage. Single family homes typically range from small two-bedroom bungalows to larger estate homes. It depends on the preferences and budget of the homeowner.

from suburban suburban single-family residences to urban apartment buildings. Single family homes can also range in size, type of architecture and decoration, providing buyers with a wide range of options.

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Multi-Unit Structures

MultiUnit Structures are homes for many families that often share a roof and walls, such as an apartment building or condominium complex. Generically called “multi-housing,” the term includes a range of housing types, such as

  • connected row homes
  • walk-up apartments
  • mid-rise apartments
  • high-rise apartment buildings

The type of living arrangement will depend on the age, current market demand and use of the building. It can also depend on the location of the building, as some places will have stricter regulations that could limit the number of floors and height of the structure.

The classic style of multi-housing is usually preferred for near-urban locations. Ss the structures are lower and can fit in compact spaces where land is scarce.


Condominiums are usually located in city centers or towns, as well as resorts and gated communities. Condominiums have high potential for capital appreciation due to their centralized locations.

These homes allow for several advantages such as access to

  • Shared facilities
  • Enhanced security
  • Low maintenance costs

Condos may come in one or two-story layouts with modern amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, and playgrounds.

Depending on the area, some people have the option to purchase townhouse condominiums which come with a private courtyard and extra parking facilities.


Earthships are a type of sustainable home built using recycled and natural or salvaged materials. Designed to be fully self-sufficient and eco-conscious. Earthships are an innovative sustainable housing solution.

They feature on-site power generation and water collection, in the form of solar panels and rainwater capture. Walls are also constructed using recycled materials such as tires and bottles. While they are insulated and temperature regulated with earth, particularly well-placed rocks and dirt.

Earthships can be also used as simple, permanent dwellings. As well as holiday homes in more extreme climates. Potential smart homeowners should consider the local laws before constructing one, preparing for the correct building permits.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are created within a factory, transported to a location and set up on a permanent site. Although the name suggests that it is a “removable” residence, most mobile homes are actually very secure and remain in one place for many years.

Because of their portability, mobile homes can be also placed in a wide range of communities. From retirement parks and transient RV campgrounds to residential property neighborhoods.

They are more affordable than traditional housing and often have larger spaces than a city/town apartment.

Luxury Estate Properties

Luxury Estate Properties are typically expansive properties with ample acreage. They often feature expensive amenities, from resort-style pools and outdoor kitchens to guest houses and exteriors of stone, stucco, and endless glass walls.

  • Other features can include
  • Elaborate security systems
  • Extravagantly landscaped grounds
  • Imported marble floors

Security is usually of the utmost importance for luxury home estate owners, so gated entrances, security guards, and video surveillance monitoring systems are all signs of a luxury estate.

Many luxury estates are also situated along oceans, rivers, and lakes with breathtaking views, and most offer access to private beaches, golf courses, and country clubs.

Learn About Different Types of Homes Today

From small trailers and mobile homes to large, suburban houses, there are many different types of homes that exist today. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and all people should look carefully when deciding which is best for them.

So why not start researching today to find the perfect house for your family?

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