What Are The Most Successful Fundraising Activities For Non-Profits?

Non-profit fundraising may seem easiest. But it’s challenging if you want to run a successful campaign and make sure that every dollar raised in startup fundraising is put to good use. While there are many types of non-profits, most need cash!

Whether your organization is fundraising for a specific cause or wants to be more sustainable, here are some fundraising tips you can use effectively without breaking the bank.


Crowdfunding is the best way to raise money online. It’s similar to other fundraising activities, such as selling raffle tickets or collecting donations in person at events. However, crowdfunding platforms are like virtual shop windows for your non-profit—they’re designed to help you get your cause and generate buzz about what you do (and who you are).

Crowdfunding platforms charge fees for their services; some charge nothing at all, while others will take 5% of every donation made through their platform. This means that if someone donates $100 via one of these sites and uses another platform that charges 2%, they’ll pay an additional $20 on top of their original donation amount—which could add up quickly!

Canvassing (especially with a door-to-door campaign)

Canvassing is an excellent way to get donations. It works best in person but can also be done over the phone or online using social media ads. Finding the right people and ensuring you know your nonprofit’s mission and what you do.

Events like galas and fundraisers

Fundraising events are the best way to raise awareness about your cause and also an excellent way to build relationships with donors. They can be expensive to plan and organize, but it’s worth it if you have the right people in place.

And events are suitable for reaching out to new donors because they allow face-to-face interaction between supporters and non-profits. Plus, when you throw an event like this, everyone will know who helped make it happen!

Mailing and emailing campaigns

Mailing and emailing campaigns are the most popular forms of fundraising because they’re so easy to set up. You can get a list of donors from your website or other websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Then you can use that list to send emails asking people to donate money or pledge on your behalf.

When it comes down to it, these kinds of campaigns are all about getting attention in one way or another—and getting people’s attention is what will make them pay attention when they see an email asking them for money or pledging support for something important!

By sending out these messages at regular intervals throughout the year instead of just once per year, organizations can increase their donations by offering incentives such as free tickets or VIP experiences at events hosted by non-profit groups across town.”

Auctions and raffles

Auctions and raffles are among the most popular fund raising methods for non profits. They can be run online, in person and even at your event. You can sell items or services and raffle off a prize—like tickets to an upcoming concert or a chance to play in a tournament.

Raffles are another type of auction where people bid with their hands instead of money; if they win the item, they don’t have to pay anything out of pocket until it’s theirs (or until the time limit runs out).


Grants are a great source of fund raising for non profits and can be an important part of your fundraising strategy. They’re typically awarded to organizations that can demonstrate a need for the money and have proved themselves through their track record.

If you want to apply for grants as part of your non-profit’s fundraising efforts, it’s best to start by researching which organizations will give out grants and how much they provide.


These are six of the most successful startup fundraising activities for non-profits. There are many more ways to fundraise, but these will help you get started on your mission.