What Should Be in Your Wedding Budget?

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s vital that you don’t endlessly spend money without some idea of what you can afford. By creating a budget, you’ll be able to enjoy wedding planning without constantly worrying about how much the day is costing or the possibility of falling into debt. Then, if a wedding is on the cards, here are some of the main elements that you should factor into your wedding budget in 2024.

1.   The Venue

Weddings are incredibly pricey, and the venue is likely to be one of your main expenses, especially if catering is included. This is likely to be the case since the venue is where you’ll be spending the entire day, meaning that it will influence the entire atmosphere and success of your wedding ceremony and the subsequent party.

Rather than skimping on your venue, you should look for a calm and beautiful location that is both picturesque and can accommodate all the guests that you want to invite. This venue should also be easily accessible for your guests and might even have sentimental meaning for you and your partner. This means that you should decide on your budget early, leaving you enough time to look at different wedding reception locations that could make your dreams come true.

2.   The Outfits

One of the first aspects of their wedding that many people think about is what they’re going to wear. The outfits are important as these can help you to feel good and can add significance to the occasion.

However, wedding outfits, such as suits and dresses, can have quite a high price tag, especially if you decide to have them made independently for you. However, there are many ways to save on these items, including borrowing or using second-hand options that might only have been worn once before, and are just as gorgeous as brand-new choices.

3.   The Décor

The décor for your venue is also important, especially if you’ve decided that your wedding is going to have a theme. However, you might be able to save on this by using decorations from a previous wedding, creating your own decorations, or simply allowing the venue to speak for itself. This can also save you wasting time on the decorations and worrying about whether they will be perfect or not, leaving you to enjoy your day and spend more time with your family and the other guests who are sharing your special day with you.

4.   The Entertainment

To make sure that the party goes on all night long, you should ensure that you have the entertainment booked and ready many months in advance. You could consider going down the traditional route of having a disco or instead, decide to skip the DJ and band and opt for sports, games, or a photo booth. Many couples decide to have more than one activity for their guests to flit between, so you should think carefully about what activities might work well together when you’re discussing the entertainment.