Why the Orange Curriculum is the Best Choice for Children’s Ministries

Regarding children’s curriculum, there are a few different choices. Many churches use more than one.

We wanted to share why the Orange curriculum is the best choice for children’s ministries. Combining light (yellow) and love (red), Orange combines the church with the home to create a hybrid learning style that builds strong roots of faith.


Regarding the children’s ministry curriculum, you want a program that’s not only theologically sound but can be easily implemented by you and your team. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many options out there, there are a few simple things you can keep in mind that will help guide your decision and keep you on track for success.

1. Solid Biblical Teaching: You can have the most creative and interactive kids’ church curriculum in the world, but if it doesn’t have solid, Bible-based teaching, you won’t be able to communicate God’s word to your children and their families effectively.

2. Relationships First: Regardless of which curriculum you choose, your most important strategy in Children’s Ministry is to form relationships with the kids and their families. When it comes to curriculum, that’s constantly the most overlooked strategy, but it’s critical for creating a substantial impact on your students and their family.

3. Scope & Sequence: Most curriculum providers will offer some scope and sequence for you to follow, which helps you know what to teach each week and gives you the plan to work with. For example, children’s ministry deals offer 52-week curriculum bundles that simplify planning an entire year of lessons!


Unlike other curriculums, which use a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching kids about Jesus, our strategy is unique and tailored to your church. It uses wonder, discovery, and passion to infuse kids with a relationship with God more significant than their imaginations, empowering them to grow in their faith and show it to the world.

Starting with wonder, the orange curriculum helps preschoolers embrace a God more significant than they can imagine. It adds discovery to help them understand how to grow their relationships with God. Finally, it fuels passion by giving students opportunities to be in the church and to make a difference in their generation. The best writers, editors, and creative directors are constantly developing innovative methods to communicate timeless truths in a current, biblical, compelling, and immersive way. Each year, new resources are launched with a new message to connect kids and their families to God.

For everyone to serve, the strategists are passionate about fostering a culture that cultivates people’s talents and interests. It entails finding, selecting, preparing, and growing leaders and volunteers so that children and families can learn about Jesus, form a relationship with him, and share him with the rest of the world.


If you’re in charge of the children’s ministry at your church, you know that choosing the right curriculum is essential. The right one will help you reach and equip your kids with God’s love while keeping them engaged and excited to learn.

The orange curriculum is the best choice for children’s ministries because it is uniquely customizable to your church’s context. Unlike other curricula with set timelines and structures for each age group, the orange curriculum lets you customize it to meet your needs.

While some churches use an existing curriculum, others have the time and expertise to write their own. 

Aside from saving you time and money, it also allows you to ensure your curriculum is suited to your congregation’s needs. Many churches we spoke to also said that they found it helpful to have the freedom to adapt a specific curriculum to suit their ministry goals and context.

Another reason the Orange curriculum is the best choice for children’s churches is that it offers a variety of ways to engage your volunteers and students with the Bible. For example, in addition to the leader guide that provides the main point and scripture passages for each lesson, Orange also has an app for your volunteers’ phones that helps them easily access the content and explains how to lead.


Many church leaders rely on several different resources regarding kids’ church curriculum. Some purchase a piece of material to cover their worship services and then adapt it for Sunday school or Bible study class, while others write their curriculum to fit their church’s needs.

One church that combines all of these approaches uses a variety of Bible curriculum options for its program. Some include the gospel project, a chronological study plan that takes kids from Genesis to Revelation.

Lastly, the group provides extensive Sunday School curricula for preschool through high school students. 

Orange’s strategy focuses on wonder, discovery, and passion for infusing children and teens with the love of Christ. The goal is to empower students and young adults to become influencers in their generation. It starts with teaching kids about Jesus on their level, encouraging discussions, and allowing them to see God in action.