Adding square footage to your home is an easy way to increase your home's value. We look at how to add square footage to your home,

Your Home Value Guide: How to Add Square Footage Easily

Did you know home values have jumped higher in the last year than they have in 45 years? If you’re thinking about selling your home, one of the first things you’ll want to do is assess its value. And if you’re hoping to increase that value, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so is by adding square footage.

Wondering how to add square footage without blowing through savings? You can create different additions that don’t cost a fortune. From dormer additions to crawlspace additions, you have options.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to add square footage so that you can get your home value rising as soon as possible!


The first way to increase square footage is a bump-out addition. This exterior addition to a building protrudes from the existing wall. Bump-out additions add both architectural interest and visual appeal.

Bump-out additions increase the size of a building without taking up additional land. It’s often used to create more living space, such as adding a bedroom or home office.

Dormer Addition

A Dormer addition is a type of bump-out addition. In this case, you fill out an area with a sloped roof. This gives you extra headspace and room within that area. 

Crawlspaces And Basements

You can add a low-profile crawlspace addition to increase space. You’d build this under the ground level of the home. You wouldn’t see the crawl space from above but it adds lots of extra room.

These areas are often used as rec rooms, an extra bedroom, or a playroom. It is most common in colder climates where humidity is not a concern.

Walk-Out Basements

A walk-out basement addition uses finished foundation space. You can access the basement via exterior or interior stairs. This is a popular choice for home additions, particularly in warmer climates.

Metal Barns

Want to add space without home renovations? A barn in your garden can act as an exterior addition to your house. It’s perfect to add square footage and architectural interest without any extra fuss.

This type of addition allows you to expand and add a bedroom or home office. Better yet, it doesn’t burn through home renovation budgets.

A barn is also a rustic statement that adds to the visual appeal of your property. Check out this site for more info.

How To Add Square Footage Without Spending A Fortune 

No more wondering how to add square footage to your house! You now know that adding space to your house increases its value. Adding extra room will provide an economic boost by increasing the resale value of your home.

Adding dormer additions or basements are popular options. Another option might be installing a barn if there’s room on your property. 

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