Top 5 Benefits of Choosing an International Boarding School

Imagine, for a moment, a boarding school. What comes to mind?

Idyllic castles with sprawling gardens and gorgeous views? Storied institutions with exacting academic standards? Repressive religious schools designed to strip away Native culture?

The truth of the matter is that there are many different types of boarding schools. If your home country’s schooling options leave something to be desired, it might be time to consider an international boarding school.

How can studying at this type of institution benefit your child? Here are five potential upsides to sending your child to study and live internationally.

1. Exceptional Extracurricular Facilities

One benefit to international boarding schools that many may not consider is their access to amazing extracurricular facilities.

Think about it. When you have a large group of international students who may or may not be able to navigate the local area safely, you need things to keep their interest on-campus. That means the arts and athletics programs of international boarding schools tend to excel.

2. International Exposure to New Ideas

Another clear benefit to sending your child to a boarding school overseas is that they will meet people from diverse backgrounds. This international exposure will broaden their minds and horizons. This naturally tends to make people more empathetic to the struggles or concerns of others.

3. Increased Language Fluency

Attending an international boarding school can help you improve your fluency. For native English speakers, attending school in a non-English country can help them learn their host country’s language more effectively than months of study at home. If English is your second language, attending an international school can help you develop fluency and an overall stronger grasp of idioms and other funny quirks of the language.

4. Don’t Feel Alone Living Away from Home

When you attend a boarding school in your own country, there’s often a divide amongst the students. This divide tends to arise between locals of the area and students who come from farther away.

In an international boarding school, everyone there is a long way from home. Students can bond over that shared experience. Plus, living away from home in your youth can prepare you for some of the expectations colleges or universities may place on you.

5. Top-Tier Academia and Alumni

Last but not least, boarding schools offer incredible academic programs and amazing benefits for their alumni. You can click here to learn more about how one school keeps its alumni connected.

By attending an international boarding school, a student proves that they can stand up to academic rigor. They’ve joined an elite club of students whose connections will prove valuable in the years to come.

International Boarding Schools: Let’s Review What We Know

So, should you send your child to an international boarding school? These institutions have many clear benefits. Broader horizons, higher academic standards, and better extracurricular facilities, to name a few.

However, only you can know what environment will suit your child best. Talk with them about attending school overseas today. Their level of interest may surprise you.

And if you’d like more help choosing a school, check out the Careers & Education section of our blog today.